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Dear Friends and Partners, 

Help us celebrate World Sight Day on October 12 by partnering with BBH EYE Foundation to open five additional primary eye centers (PECCs) in remote communities in western Nepal. Our PECCs provide a range of vision-restoring services for people living in remote communities with little access to care. Our services include eye exams, prescription glasses, medications, and referral for FREE eye surgery, for those in need, to one of our surgical centers. Every eye center we open requires an initial investment of $6000 for equipment and supplies. Needed equipment items range from $3000 for a slit lamp to just a few hundred dollars to procure optical shop equipment for making glasses. 

Did you know that over 800 million people living in extreme poverty around the world could have their vision restored simply by getting a pair of prescription glasses?

Did you know that the leading cause of blindness in developing countries is cataract, a condition that can be reversed by a 15-minute operation costing less than $50?

Our network of primary eye care centers and surgical centers in western Nepal, provide glasses and cataract surgery, among other types of care, for thousands of people every year. Cataract surgery is always free, including transport to and from our surgical centers. We also organize mobile surgical eye camps, bringing our surgical teams and services directly to the community in very isolated, remote parts of the country. 

Please consider a donation to BBH Eye Foundation this fall to help us equip five new primary eye care centers and the operating theater in our most recently opened surgical facility in Bardiya, Nepal. Our highest priority need for the rural centers are slit lamps which cost $3000 each. At the top of our wish list for the eye hospital is a Topcon surgical microscope for $13,000, and a YAG laser which costs $30,000.

And remember, it only takes a gift of $50 to restore sight to a person with cataract. Reading glasses cost as little as $2, while $6 will fund a pair of prescription glasses, made on-site at our centers. Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a big impact on someone's life!

Yours in service, 

Dr. Gary Barth, Medical Director and 
Jack Blanks, Executive Director
BBH Eye Foundation

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